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tv   Today  NBC  October 26, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. you made it. congratulations. it's try day friday. it's october 25th. and we're delighted you're with us today. >> what are you doing for your weekend? >> i'm going to be in california because my daughter's parents weekend. >> oh, yeah. >> and she's in a sorority and i've never been around that. it's going to be an eyeopener for me. >> i'm sure it will be.
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>> yes. ya bab dabba do. >> all right. so here's a question for you. when you initially start dating someone -- >> you're going to be in new orleans? >> i'm in new orleans talking to journalism students. so when you meet a guy and start dating, at what point do you let him see you without makeup on? >> you know how long ago that's been? >> yeah? >> so long that i can't remember. >> you didn't need makeup ever. >> it was so long ago. now it takes four hours. >> they say the average woman -- >> no, that was not necessary. >> but look at the smile on my face. it's like i just passed gas. that's awful. if you ever -- i shouldn't say you, that bothers me more than any picture ever. not because of the no makeup, but because of the smile. >> the average woman waits four weeks before going bare faced, a month. i that it is about right. look, when they're used to
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seeing one way and then suddenly you're not, it could be terrifying. >> i don't think joanne has ever let her husband see her without makeup. >> never. by the way she's not alone. i think there are 18% of women say they will always have makeup on in front of their man, always. >> and she doesn't just do that, she also has girly time. when she won't let her husband see her do any girly stuff. no plucking, no waxing. no color. no flossing. ears. none of that stuff. >> i do say there is a thing when you when some things are kept private. >> sacred. >> like one time i remember -- >> why am i yelling? >> i remember spending time with someone and he was vacuuming once and he was just walking around the house without clothes on. he's like oh, there's a mess, let me vacuum. i said please don't vacuum like that. that's such a turnoff. i was totally turned off. vacuuming, bending over. >> oh, my god!
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>> people do that. and then suddenly you're like -- ooh. >> who are you? >> neat freak has to vacuum. no matter where they are. >> on commercial break i want to know who it was. in the long list, who was it? >> we have bad news for your body parts, people. scientists say -- >> and i've been telling you this for years. >> we didn't need a scientist. breasts get old and saggy before the rest of your body. in fact, this accelerated by three years. so take your age, add three years and that's the age of your breasts. >> i have 63-year-old ta-tas. explains a lot. it really does. oh, my gosh. and then if you nurse, too. >> oh, no. >> indeed. >> but, you know what, then you get menopause. that's your reward for getting pregnant, having babies, no
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sleep for years and years and then god blesses you with menopause. thank you. >> you know what? when listening to our show, i feel like we're such a girly show. but we're really not a show just for women. >> apparently not. i've always known football fans are lurking out there. i've got one. >> of course you do. well, oregon state -- >> go bs. >> what are they? wait. go what? >> go bs. it says go bs. i think beavers. >> anyway, the beavers watch us at 10:00 in the football video room. so they sent us this picture on our facebook page. that's what's happening in the beaver video room. >> do we have nolan's name? there he is. he is skyping with us.
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right this moment. >> do you seriously watch us? >> yes, we really do. since ever morning since i got here we've been watching it. we turn it on like a daily routine. just come into the office and get ready for practice. >> nolan, can we ask you a question? >> yeah. >> why? >> i think greg actually has the answer to that question. >> greg is the one that got you doing it, right? >> yeah. >> i've been watching you for a long time. i've always been watching kathie lee but ever since she got hoda by her side, she's better. >> go beavers!he's better. >> thank youo much for watching. >> thank you so much. frank gifford, you know that great hall of famer, sends his love. >> thank you. >> all right, guys. good-bye. >> it says it right there.
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oregon state beavers. yes, indeed. >> love them. love them. >> now the reason that we have these old time cereals on our table is because -- >> why? because of halloween. and they only come out at halloween. and people are buying them off the shelves in hoards because they're only available. >> in a small window. >> so here they are. do you remember this, franken berry, boo-berry and count chocula. it is chock full of marshmallows and sugar. they are so delicious. >> see, i -- we never had them. >> she has soy milk. i have no desire for them. >> you don't? >> no. >> just why? >> sugar-coated and i don't like that stuff. so i don't buy it. so what we were going to ask you, does it bring back childhood memories? i was a child in the 1880s and we ate maize.
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the first thanksgiving. frank and i were indians and the pilgrims eating maize. that's what we had. >> i'll tell you, the things that bring back childhood memories in terms of cereal, captain crunch and crisp. those were our two favorites. and then in the car going on long trips, my parents always had juicy fruit gum. the smell of juicy fruit always reminds me of being a kid. >> they make it taste like this and i'll have some. matthew? >> who is she? >> i don't know. >> we have a woman in our skype box and we need to -- >> who is she? okay. we just want to make sure we know what's going on here. >> all right. are there any other foods in life that you eat that bring back a childhood memory. >> other than juicy fruit gum and cereal? is this a setup? >> no. >> no, there is nothing. >> for me, it's crabs. >> why don't we just keep the theme going.
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why don't we keep the ridiculous theme going. >> what's better than crabs? >> let's just keep that sound bite separate. keep it for later use. >> i have so many amazing memories of summer time eating crabs in maryland. my dad would catch them and cook them and we would spend all day long -- >> he did he steam them? >> esteemed them, yeah. so any time you want to make me happy, you call up costas in baltimore and get me some crabs. >> remember 60th birthday. >> yes. >> it's time for -- >> your friday funny! all right. save it. a woman is looking in the mirror. she starts to pull at her face and try to flatten her stomach. she turns to her husband and says, i'm so old. i'm so fat. her husband just goes about his business and ignores her. i look just horrible. i'm not the woman you married. still no response.
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her husband just stares and then starts to walk away. so she screams after him, hello! i really need a compliment now. her husband finally stops, turns around and thinks about it for a minute and says, well, do you have good eyesight. i like it. >> let me tell you what -- >> it's the delivery. >> they're getting better and better. it's time for our today's johnson baby now since we celebrate new moms and adorable additions to their new families. first up is matthew. he was born on october 9th in cleveland, ohio. parents matthew and jenna say he loves bath time. he says the birth of baby matty is every dream they ever had come true. >> next is otto su dal lonkani. he was born on september 12th. in san francisco. his middle name means sea otter?
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in korean because his mom is korean. when she said she was going to name her son otto, he thought she said otter so it stuck. >> next is ella sophia mikovich, born august 28th. weighing six pounds, seven ounces. her mom calls her mommy's little shopper because she loves going on walks to the mall in the stroller. >> and our last is zack edward niziol. he was born august 24th. no, he's not happy, mommy. in atlanta, georgia. his parents jason and caroline say their son won't stop making crazy facial expressions. and that is called gas. and dad has his fingers crossed that zack grows up to be an avid golfer, just like his daddy. >> congratulations to all our babies. if you want a chance to have your baby appear in our johnson baby of the week, go to our website. >> we need your help. you go to halloween parties and all that sort of thing. we want to see the costumes you've been wearing to the hollywood parties. you're going to get bonus points if you dressed up like us. >> really?
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go on >> submit pictures and we just might, and that's the operative word, show them on the air next week. >> we want drag queens to dress up like us. that will be fun. >> does your guy check out other women? and should you head into a relationship with your best friend? >> oh, matthew is ready to answer our relationship questions right after this.
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it's time for "the other view" and we're trying to get to the bottom of what men are thinking when it comes to relationships. and who better to ask than matthew hussy. it would be weird if it wasn't him. >> hi. >> thank you for having me. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> all right. our first question is from laura. she says, i've had a guy best friend for ten years. i got married in 2011 and divorced in 2013. since my separation, my best friend has been doing things he's never done before like buying me dinner, asking me about love. is it a good idea to turn your best friend into your soul mate and if so, how do i go about
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telling him? i'm scared to death of losing him for good. >> there are three points to make. the first one is soul mates or best friends make great soul mates. >> right. >> so you got great foundation there. secondly, when it comes to how to tell him, all you got -- you don't have to jump the guy. it doesn't have to be that risky. can you say, listen, i feel more than just a friend to you right now. how do you feel? are you feeling anything different? >> you've been there for me during this difficult time for me in my life. >> we are friends for four years. >> do you feel the same way? and let him see where he comes from. thirdly, whenever anyone says i'm afraid of losing them as a friend, i never buy it. >> why? >> firstly, because they're not really -- they don't fear losing someone as a friend, they fear rejection. >> and if someone is truly a friend, can you ever lose them? >> no. and especially guys. think about it. the guy can't even remember what he had for breakfast this
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morning. he's not going to remember her hitting on him a year from now. >> i think it changes the dynamic. if you change the game, the guy looks at you differently. >> it only changes the dynamic if she gets awkward after that encounter. people stay awkward instead of going back to the way they were. >> let's hear what elizabeth has. why does my husband look at other women when he's with me? i'm 12 years younger than him and i'm pretty attractive. what is he doing? >> she's funny. >> and modest, too. >> my question to begin with is well do you ever find other guys attractive? ever? >> the answer is, yes. >> of course the answer is yes. no one ever finds anyone else attractive. >> that's ridiculous to even expect that. >> correct. so she set up a rule that immediately he can't follow. he can't win at. so now if the question is if he does it in front of me, then -- >> and it hurts my feelings. >> then she needs to set up a better rule for the relationship. it's not you can't find anyone else attractive. you have to make me feel secure
2:21 am
in this relationship. >> there is looking and then there is looking. >> there is glancing and then up and down. some guys can make you feel -- >> that's a point that someone needs to make. when i'm with you, here's how it makes me feel when you do that. here's what i would love for you to do because it makes me feel special. when do you that, i don't feel special. >> frank can't stand when i hug other men. i was a hugger before i met you, i'll be a hugger until the day i die. >> how did he react to that? >> like i care. i love him dearly. but don't tell me not to hug when i'm a hugger. it's my natural inclination. sorry. all right. this is courtney. she says i've been in a five-year relationship with a guy. he is 30. i'm 27. we've been living together for about three years now and even did a cross country move together. now he wants to take a break and live apart. it seems like he's terrified of commitment. but i am not sure how to move on.
2:22 am
completely? >> completely. >> does that make any sense? >> cut it off. she, right now -- >> we have no time. >> tell him. >> if she is saying that he actually wants a break, i'm going assume right now that means a break from her, not just a break from living together. she has to change the way she is looking at the situation. i always say to people, don't value how much you like someone value the investment they give you. if she's saying well i really like him -- >> we don't know what that means. >> here's what it means. men and women many the mistake of saying i really like this guy so i'm going to try really hard. instead of saying this guy is investing and me and giving to me, therefore i like him. the danger with the first one is as soon as you like a guy --
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>> let's go on to the next one. we don't have any time. all right! we really have to go! we don't know what that meant. >> all right. let's move on. just in time for halloween, we're all decked out. >> what is that with her? >> creepy. we're going to find out. and he'. she zigs and he zags. if two types of people can live as one, shouldn't there be scents that do the same? that's why we designed two scents that alternate daily. new glade plugins scented oils customizables, inspired by the best feelings in the world. glade. s.c. johnson. a family company. was voted product of the year, finish quantum better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent, and it has the good housekeeping seal. giving it more honors than ever before. take the finish shine challenge
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♪ monster mash >> it is time for bobbi's buzz. today's style editor and author of "the power of style," bobbie thomas is here to buzz through ways to create a hollywood disguise and you are -- >> i'm meryl streep's character from "death becomes her." i can see my butt for the first time. she was with goldie hawn. thaw they were trying to stay young forever. it was the funniest movie. >> this is all about halloween. everybody freaks out about the costume. i'm all about the makeup. you can really get some cool makeup effects like the pros by
2:28 am
yourself. >> how should we do it? >> the first step, if you want to do anything in the clown category, the ghost category, covering your canvas with white, clown white was developed by ben nye, famous -- >> the science guy? that's bill. >> what's really important, if you have kids, use a water based solution. it's tough to come off. your kids, it can be a nightmare. make sure you get a quality product. and then use setting powder, it will stay longer. this is amazing. these are transfers. they took brad pitt to so many different ages. he developed these prosthetics that look just like what you see on the film. you apply them with water. then you blend the edges with alcohol. they're under $20. >> what do you call this one? >> this is the housewife slit. >> i would put them on me but they were all over the place. >> the housewife lip. >> crazy! >> then can you get realisti
2:29 am
scars and more. last but not least, mayon is this amazing company. they've been in business for 80 years. they have everything from stage blood to liquid latex. but i think most importantly what you want to check out are their removers. when you put makeup on and all this stuff for halloween, you have to make sure you remove it well. i think that is the big mistake and people end up with all kinds of stuff. >> love you, bobbie. >> do you believe in spanking your child? >> there is a brand new study coming up after this. our great pal neil s sedaka is here.
2:30 am
2:31 am
we're back on this friday asking the age-old question to spank or not to spank. a new study suggests children who are spanked early in life can develop aggression and behavior problems. that's what the study says. >> yeah, but not everyone agrees. take a look. >> i certainly was and i deserved it when i got spanked.
2:32 am
>> i was never spanked as a child. i don't believe in spanking. i never spanked my own children. >> let's put it this way, i think i was spanked a couple times and after that i learned the lesson quickly. >> occasionally i was spanked as a child. i think it had the use at the time. i'm not sure it was appropriate all the time. >> no. it didn't work for my kids. and it just -- it's not effective at all. >> i think in rare cases acting is better than words. and in certain situations, one good crack across the butt probably speaks 1,000 words. >> all righty then. michael mckenzie. >> it is a generational thing. >> michael is a researcher on that study. and dr. iva horn is a pediatrician. welcome. >> welcome. >> tell us a little bit about this study. what is it showing exactly? >> the three big take homes to the study, the first thing that surprised a lot of people is this wide belief that spanking is rare. no one spanks their kids
2:33 am
anymore. we find that spanking rates have not dropped off. half the parents were spanking kids at age 5, at least once a week in the past month. >> we should define what spanking is. it's very different from beating your child. >> people have their own definition of what they include in that category. we were talking about a hand on the buttocks. it shows later on the kids get agresive. >> yeah, we found children that experienced high levels of spanking defined as more than, you know, two or more times a week showed lower verbal capacity at age 9 and more aggression. >> dr. horn, do you think there are certain behaviors that require a parent or parent should think about spanking their child? >> i don't think there is a behavior that requires a parent to consider spanking. i don't want parents -- if i say to parents absolutely if you tell me you're spanking then we have a problem. then they won't come to me when there is really an issue. >> right. >> as a pediatrician, i want them to have that conversation to talk about this thing that is
2:34 am
underlying why they feel like they have to spank their child. therein lies the problem and the concern. what's going on with this parent and the parent-child dynamic that the parent feels like they need to spank their child. >> this is about frequency though. if you are doing it every day, there is an issue. if you do it every now and then when there's a big problem, that's different. >> a lot of parents are using this not as a backup tool but as their go-to method. this is what they use and rely on exclusively. >> but more and more we're living in a world where we're letting television raise our children or video games raise our children, technology. we have become a post human society. we're more comfortable with machines than human beings. is that part of the problem? kids see so much aggressiveness in the media? i certainly had as a child growing up. could that be part of what is going on here? >> i think what we're really talking about here is the aggression that kids see with their parents and their interaction with parents. and then that leading to aggressive behavior in the future.
2:35 am
>> one of you said that you didn't think that time-outs work either. so what do you do with a small child? >> like don't he'd the tide. >> this is where families dismiss. they see the other academics who don't get what it's like in the trenches with the kids. and they dismiss it. people don't interpret what happened to them as abuse. so when people are say this is abuse, they tune it out. the reality is that no one spends a lot of time work with a kid say can you reason or negotiate. >> it's impossible. >> what should do you? >> sometimes you need to remove the child from the situation. and sometimes you need to remove yourself as a parent from the situation. identify when that needs to occur. parents need time out. sometimes we need a time out. and sometimes the kids do need a time out so they can take a breath and recognize what their behavior is and what the reaction is. when kids are really young, they don't -- they get that disconnect. it doesn't click for them quite yet. >> what they need is love. a lot, a lot, a lot of love. they need discipline too.
2:36 am
thank you very much. all right. we love them. hit maker neil sedaka, who should be in the hall of fame, it makes me crazy. he tells the inside story of his incredible come back after 12 years off the charts. >> and things that make you go boo. we have creepy critters for halloween coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is an acceptance letter. ♪ it's a diploma.
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creepy critters for halloween. >> she's petting a bat. >> julie scardina is here to dispel the smiths we have about these creatures that come to mind with the -- let's not call it a holiday. >> that bat is creeping us out. it was hanging on the tree. it just flew off the tree. >> we'll put him back up here so everyone can get a view. these are the most mysterious of the halloween creatures, right?
2:41 am
they're the most misunderstood. even hoda earlier said, they get stuck in my hair. >> i read that on google. they're nocturnal. >> yes, they are nocturnal but they're not blind. a lot of people think they are rodents. they are most closely related to primates. like a marsupial to me. >> what do they eat? >> that's a great question. so we have a fruit bat here. >> there he goes. >> he is a pollenator. >> he pollenates. >> he pollenates all the stuff you like the most. bananas, mango, papayas, >> okay we get it. >> and then they disperse seeds after that. this guy is an insect eater. because he eats -- he can eat 1,000 insects an hour. >> good for him. >> and is it worth that? if it wasn't for him, we would be overrun with insects. >> here are little worm things.
2:42 am
put them right up there under his nose so he can see them. >> is that his mouth or other end? >> he is grooming himself. >> where is his face. >> his face is right there. >> did he get it? >> come on, that's not nice. >> there we go. think about them as a baby, it's kind of sweet. >> there we go. >> he's loving it. >> bring on the raven. >> okay. we're going to take these guys off. the next animal here, and we have a beautiful raven. now here's another animal, again, because of edgar allen poe, you know, depression and death and all that stuff. this guy has got great personality. they're one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. talk about personality, okay, people are afraid of him. >> okay. and he's now gone. >> you know what? he is afraid of pumpkins we have found out. >> he's on the roof top.
2:43 am
>> he's coming back down. >> come on. >> bring out the python. i never thought i'd want to say that. >> we'll leave the raven up there. he'll come down in a little while. >> who is going to good get the raven? >> let's bring the snakes out. >> let's bring the snakes out! >> a lot of people don't really -- i don't like his face towards me like. that. >> is that for me? >> yes. >> the nice thing about these, three snakes that we have here are they are ambassadored. so when people don't like things, it's often because they don't know about them. >> they never met one in person. >> i met one. >> i like how you're holding him. >> give him a little support. >> give him some support. >> these animals are -- the same type of thing as great to go to zoos to find out a little bit more. you don't want to put their faces close together. >> they're not friends? >> no. we wouldn't necessarily have -- these two are housed together. they're the same type.
2:44 am
this is actually called a red python. >> we have to bring on the cat. >> okay. let's take these guys off. >> the raven son the way, hoda. >> it's all about getting to know animals. that's what zoos can provide by coming and visiting. >> it's a black cat. normal? >> this is just a black cat. not only does it perform in our show at sea world in orlando, but people think black cats with bad omens and they're not. >> we love you, julie. >> he is a rock 'n' roll survivor. songwriter and wonderful guy. neil sedaka right after this. ♪ of all the places in your house...
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he sold millions of records, written 500 songs and it hasn't always come easy for him.
2:49 am
he topped the charts and he is still awesome. >> so sad. >> according to a new book called "rock 'n' roll survivor" which is fantastic. after making his way back up, went on to have one of the most incredible comebacks in rock 'n' roll history. and he's back with us today. one of our favorite guests. neil, love you. love you. >> hello. >> this book written by your friend rich padolski is such a history lesson, isn't it? >> i'm very excited. it brings back all of the memories in this crazy fickle business. i was off the charts for 13 years. not working. and i met a guy by the name of elton john. ever hear of him? >> i did. >> he was a neil sadaka fan. he signed me to his record label. lo and behold, my record became number one after 13 years. >> shall we hear a little of that?
2:50 am
♪ laughter in the rain walking hand in hand ♪ ♪ with the one i love no. no. and the one regis does all the time. calendar girl. ♪ i love, i love, i love my calendar girl each and every day of the year ♪ >> love it. do you love playing those songs over and over? >> i never get tired of them. they're like old friends. i weren't be here if it weren't for "breaking up is hard to do ♪ >> i love this one. ♪ don't take your love away from me ♪ >> and then i wrote -- >> i love them. ♪ love love will keep us together ♪ >> this is real music. ♪ think of me babe whenever. ♪ snooets /* >> wait, can i ask one thing about that song. at the end i thought captain and tanile were saying sadaka. they say your name, don't they? >> great tribute. he said sadaka is back at the
2:51 am
end of the record. >> yes.the record. >> i stupidly never put it out as a single. they had a magnificent single. >> you written so many, so many hits through the years. my favorite, favorite one makes me cry every time. will you do a little of "the hungry years." ♪ i miss the hungry years once upon a time ♪ ♪ lovely long ago we didn't have a dime ♪ ♪ days of me and you we lost along the way ♪ >> beautiful! >> wow. do you still enjoy writing songs, neil? >> i find it absolutely fascinating. it's a gift. and the words are like puzzle pieces. i have a new album called the real neil with all new songs and some old classic neil sadaka. but the words are like puzzle pieces. they fit in.
2:52 am
there's only one sentence that is the perfect sentence for that. and you have to go through all of them until you find them. >> you are working on another musical. we'll talk about that when you come back. but you are writing now for your beautiful grandchildren as well. you have so many great gorgeous kids. >> yes, i have three grandkids. i have twin girls 10 and a boy 8. and i wrote with my son a book called "dinosaur pet." >> you were with us for that. >> yes, and he changed the words. ♪ i love, i love, i love my dinosaur pet ♪ and lunch lunch will keep us together ♪ ♪ and where the tides are >> i love of that so much. >> we love you, neil. >> i love singing with the kids. whoever thought i would sing with my grandchildren. >> well, good luck with the book. it is a great history lesson in the music industry.
2:53 am
how to stay in there and never give up the dream. >> all right. we love you, sweetheart. >> thank you, darling. >> you updated your wardrobe for fall. now it's time for your guy to freshen up. >> yes, the must haves. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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we're back with must haves for men if you're looking to makeover your guy or grab a few items to keep him up to date, you're in luck. >> we're here for the hottest clothing and accessories for guys under $50. with us is the style expert and host of tlc "something borrowed, something new." so you have a bunch of trends for us. plaid is in. >> plaid never goes out. >> that's the best part about this trend. any guy can wear this. they're not intimidated. these are great shirts from target. you have cool plaids done in
2:57 am
wool from h & m. this is great for holiday photos coming up. one for your kid and one for dad. so the dad and son can take a picture together in their matching ties. >> camo hasn't gone out. >> a lot of guys wear this anyway. it's another trend that make you feel comfortable. camouflage is on every runway. these are pieces from target. >> i love the inside of that. it looks so cozy. >> you love hoodies. >> look at the vans here. this is the reinvented camouflage. a lot are taking the art of camouflage and changing it up and making it more modern. >> what about the watch department? >> i love these watches. these are all from timex. they are the weekender. they're under $45 but can you change the straps. >> socks. >> oh, my god, those are crazy colors. >> i didn't know i would date a guy that wore those. >> it's a good chatty thing. girls like to look at this and it's a good pickup line. they can hit on the guy if they have cool socks on. >> no. no.
2:58 am
>> i think it's cool to add a little punch -- especially the guys that wear suits. this adds a lot of personality and style from happy socks. you have a lot of fashion. >> i can see girls wearing them. guys, not so much. >> what about the hats? >> these are all from stetson. a classic, american company. instead of wearing a beanie or cull cap, you get the warmth of the wool hat and a lot of style. >> i'm sure justin timberlake brought these back. he wears them all the time. >> it's a fun thing for fall can you do and make your guy look handsome. >> this wick as way moisture and controls odor. >> thank goodness. >> and the socks, t-shirt and underwear take the odor and moisture away. >> so there is no reason to stink. >> exactly. >> easier laundry on the ladies. >> tell us about the two models. >> we have to models.
2:59 am
thomas is using that traditional americana vibe. you're seeing him in the city. it's not just for the country. i love this look. i layered a great plaid shirt with a cable knit sweater. this is the must have. it's a vest for $35. the puffy vests are super in style. alex is our casual downtown guy. he is rocking that camo. he is rocking that camouflage t-shirt and the scarf. it's like no-brainer fashion for your guy. that great wool cap which is super duper handsome. >> look at those guys. they know they look good. >> they know it. >> i have the scent shirt on, too. were a complete list of all the stuff, go to our website. next week anthony mackey is here and a bunch of other people. >> josh lucas, we were just talking about him. remember "sweet home alabama"? so gorgeous. also singer fantasia. have an awesome weekend,
3:00 am
everybody. >> bye-bye. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause]


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